Do you dream of owning your own homestead?  A place where you can grow your own food, raise your own animals and stop being reliant on those big-box stores.

From our own experience I can tell you that with some careful planning and modest investment almost anyone can turn that dream into reality.

Self Sufficient Homesteading

Whether you live in the city, the country, or in an urban environment you CAN live a self-sufficient homesteading lifestyle.

Your very first step is to have a general idea of what you want.

Knowing where to start can sometimes be overwhelming; especially if you’re currently living paycheck to paycheck, spending most of your time in a cubicle.

Start today by focusing on survival rather than consumerism. Look at your current living conditions.  Where does most of your food, shelter and energy come from? Look for ways you can start providing some of life’s most fundamental necessities yourself.

I finally found heavy duty clothespins.

I’ve been line drying clothes for years, and have gone through many different styles of clothespins. From plastic, to peg, to cheaply made China pins, and no matter which ones I bought, I never could find any heavy duty clothespins that would hold up to the wind we get here on the farm. My clothes would always end up on the ground. Since I was introduced to these hand-made heavy duty clothes pins I don’t have to worry about anything ending up on the ground!

For big results here are some great ways to start small:

The best tip I can give anyone wanting to start living a self-sufficient homesteading lifestyle is to become a producer, not a consumer. Learning ways you can take care of your family is the best way to reduce your cost of living and increase your self-sufficiency.

Tracy Lynn

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