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Modern life encourages consumerism. Goods are mass-produced unsustainably to cater to an ever-growing hyper-consumer culture. Most people eat too much food, overuse energy, and buy things they don’t need. Excessive consumerism deteriorates health, ravages the planet, and depletes your savings. Embracing a more natural, back-to-basics approach can help you live a healthier and more sustainable life. 

Homesteading ⎼ a philosophy that promotes simplicity and self-sufficiency ⎼ is becoming increasingly popular as it encourages people to be producers, as well as consumers. Adherents of this self-reliant and minimalist lifestyle reduce consumption by growing or producing many of their basic needs. People that homestead grow their food, make their own fabrics and clothing, and produce electricity with solar or wind energy.

Homesteading requires a lot of work and can be a demanding way of life. Are you wondering if this lifestyle is right for you? Here are six signs that signal whether you are ready to start homesteading.

Modern life can be very stressful. Lots of people are obsessed with wealth and status symbols, working, and competing incessantly to achieve their materialistic goals. In a culture that measures your worth by the quantity and value of your possessions, meeting society’s expectations of success can be overwhelming. Modern living is hectic and complicated, making many people yearn for a more basic and simpler life. 

Do you wish you could get back to your roots and live a more simple life? If you’re planning to live a life with less consumption and possessions, then you may be ready to start homesteading. Homesteading will teach you how to live happily with less by shunning possessions that add no value to your life. Homesteaders produce many of their basic needs and avoid unnecessary possessions, reducing things in your life that cause stress and anxiety. 

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You Enjoy Gardening 

Gardening is a fun and relaxing medium-intensity physical activity that has plenty of health benefits. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), performing 150 minutes of medium-intensity physical activity per week can help manage weight, strengthen bones and muscles, improve brain health, and reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. 

You Yearn for a Simpler Life

If you’re among the many Americans that enjoy trimming trees, planting flowers, and growing fruits and vegetables in your backyard, you are almost ready to start a homesteading life. Homesteaders grow food in window gardens, back or front yards, or their family farms. 

If you plan to start a homesteading life, gardening and growing food will consume much of your time. While a fun and healthy physical activity, gardening can be rough on your hands. Common gardening activities can cause blisters, cuts, puncture wounds, and other injuries on your hands. Make sure to wear the right gardening gloves to protect your hands while growing your food. 

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You Desire to be More Self-Sufficient 

If you’ve gone hungry because you couldn’t afford to buy food or had your power and water cut off due to unpaid bills, you know first-hand how agonizing it is to depend on others for life’s basic necessities. Many people strive to achieve as much self-sufficiency as possible to gain more control over their lives and boost their independence. If you want to increase your self-sufficiency and provide more for your needs, then homesteading is the ideal way of life for you. 

Homesteading encourages you to produce as much as you can to provide for your needs rather than acquire the goods or services from others, supporting your goals of self-sufficiency. While homesteading can’t make you completely self-sufficient, it can reduce your dependence on others for basic sustenance. Homesteaders can grow food, sew clothes, make soap and other cleaning products, build their own furniture, and produce renewable power. Start homesteading to fulfill your desire of living a more self-sufficient life. 

You Care About the Environment 

Modern living and excessive consumerism are degrading the environment. Large inputs of materials and energy are required to mass-produce consumer goods and services, leading to pollution and climate change. Climate change disrupts ecosystems and destroys natural habitats, threatening the survival of humans and animals. 

If you care about the environment and want to save the planet, you could start homesteading as soon as you can. Homesteading promotes simple and minimalist living by cutting down on consumerism and encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle. Homesteading life improves coexistence with nature and reduces your environmental impact, helping protect the earth from further destruction. 

You Prefer to Grow Your Own Food 

More and more people are becoming aware of the health dangers of conventionally-produced food. The synthetic pesticides and chemicals used on conventionally-grown food can cause respiratory problems, birth defects, neurological disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer. Almost 35% of Americans are now growing food in their homes or community gardens. If you’re among this population, you can make a smooth transition to homestead life.

You don’t need a muti-acre farm in the countryside to grow your food. Homesteaders can grow food in their home’s front and backyards, or their apartment’s window or balcony garden. Self-produced food is safer, healthier, and helps you save more money. 

You Want to Save More Money 

Most people don’t live within their means. Homes are cluttered with things people don’t need. Household debt keeps rising as people buy things they can’t afford. More than 78% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck as cash flow issues minimize personal savings. If you have decided to leave behind a life of wasteful extravagance and embrace frugality, you are ready to start homesteading. 

Homesteading promotes a minimalist life, encouraging people to live with the things they need. Purchasing the goods you need ⎼ rather than want ⎼ can reduce unnecessary expenses and increase savings as less money is squandered on useless things. Homestead living also helps you save money by encouraging productivity and self-sufficiency, reducing your food, utility, clothing, and other costs. 

Are You Ready to Start Homesteading? 

Transitioning from a comfortable consumer life to self-sufficient living is not an easy task. Homestead life can be challenging, but the patience and effort will be worth it. Homesteading promotes independence, boosts health, protects the planet, and improves your finances, helping you live a more fulfilling life. If you think you’re ready to start a simpler and more natural life, make the transition as soon as you can.

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