Handmade Wooden Heavy Duty Clothes Pins

Clothes pins have been around for centuries and are used for many different things. Here on our homestead they are mainly used for holding clothes to the clothesline. 

heavy duty clothespins

As a homemaker I’ve been line drying clothes for years, and have gone through many different styles of clothespins. From plastic, to peg, to cheaply made China pins, and no matter which ones I bought, I never could find heavy duty clothespins that hold up to the wind we get here on the farm. My clothes would always end up on the ground.

I was almost at my wits end until I finally found heavy duty clothespins on Amazon that are made right here in the USA!. I was skeptical at first, but these have not let me down and I have been using them for a while now!

Even though their main job is to hang clothes, you usually can find one in every drawer in our home.

I finally found heavy duty clothespins.

Made to be handed down through the generations, this is a clothespin that will outlast and outperform other pins in the market. These heavy duty clothespins are perfect for crafting, home decor or hanging clothes on the line. You will love them for their wonderful practicality and beauty.

Better than your grandma’s clothespins.

They are hand made in the Olympic Peninsula with local maple and a heavy duty stainless steel spring. At 3.5″ long and 7/16 wide it is longer, wider and will hold your clothes to the clothesline better than any pin on the market. The spring has more tension than expected. Customers tell us that one pin hold one pair of wet jeans on a windy day.

  • 100% made in America clothespins.
  • Free Shipping on Orders greater than $50
  • Lifetime Warrantee, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Spring
  • Wide mouth opening will fit on a 1/2 inch dowel
  • Finished with boiled linseed oil for some outdoor protection


Heavy Duty Clothespins

Here are a few different ways as a homemaker I use them around our house. 

  • It’s a perfect clip for an opened bag of pretzels
  • They make great plant markers when sowing spring seeds
  • We use them to clip shut opened vegetable bags in the freezer
  • I use them to clip a towel around a grandbaby as a bib
  • They hold hard to hang garments on a hanger in my closet
  • I’ve even used them as place settings by writing my guests name on them and clipping them to their glass
  • And lastly my favorite use, is to hold a cookbook open

What are you favorite way to use wooden clothespins?

Thanks for stopping by!

Tracy Lynn

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