Cheap Garden Beds – Using Recycled Building Supplies

After four years of heavy use, my raised garden beds are starting to fall apart and need replacing. Before I gave in to spending money on supplies, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything lying around the farm that I could use instead of buying new. Learning how to build a cheap raised garden bed, while sticking to our budget, was a fun challenge.

The first thing I did was take a walk around the farm to see what I could find to use. I found cinder blocks, a stack of pallets, a pile of bricks, a pile of downed trees and piles and piles of trimmed branches.

how to build a cheap raised garden bed

With those items on my list, I went searching online for some ideas on how to build a cheap raised garden bed. I was so excited that I found a plan for each item on my list.

brick raised garden bed

Brick Raised Garden by Vegetable Gardener

wood pallet raised bed

 Pallet beds by Garden Reboot

no cost garden beds

 Down Trees by Small Farm

twig garden bed
Wattle Fencing
 by Apartment Therapy

cinder block raised bed

Cinder Block Garden Bed by Miscellaneous Topics and Ideas by Dee

There are so many things we can repurpose to use for a raised garden bed. Now I just have to decide which old material to use and the greatest thing is I won’t have to spend a dime.

picket fence

We even took our recycling to a new level by using discarded pallets to make this beautiful garden fence. If you want to see how we built this picket fence for under $200 click here.


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