Are you drawn to a simpler homesteader way of life?

If so, you are like so many other Americans tired of this crazy busy life and are yearning to slow down to a simpler way of living.

Homesteaders today are not concerned with climbing the social ladder they are learning to live on less and gaining a deeper satisfaction of being able to take care of themselves.

For us, we remember while we were still working our corporate jobs we spent our days dreaming about building our homestead and were so over measuring our success by the size of our office. All we wanted was to be a homesteader and homemaker who spent our days getting our hands dirty and returning to our roots.

Now, most times when people think of homesteading they think of the pioneers. Those pioneers lived in areas far away from formed communities and were forced to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. Today homesteaders can live in the city or the country and homestead anywhere.  They have backyard gardens, chickens, raise bees, milk goats and gather fresh eggs. They strive to spend more time with their families and are turning their back on stressful living.

That’s the look of today’s homesteader! You do not need a farm to homestead.  All you need is the desire to live simple, learn how to be more self-sufficient and provide your family with healthy alternatives to the pre-packaged lifestyle you are accustomed too.

Today’s homesteader is taking the time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

They are cooking from scratch with foods that have a story.  Potatoes from their garden, eggs from their chickens, and meat from their rabbits….they know where their food comes from.

They are finding value in becoming a skilled homesteader or homemaker.  Learning to do for themselves instead of hiring someone to take care of their basic needs. Mending clothes, giving haircuts, repairing instead of replacing and changing their consumer-driven mindset to reuse…recycle… or make do.

Loving their homes. – Finding joy in snuggling in front of a fire with a good book, taking a stroll through the woods, playing games with their children and relying on entertainment that keeps them home and saves them money.

So are you ready to give homesteading a try? Take a walk out your back door and see what changes you can make to start a garden, add some backyard chickens and get in touch with the simpler side of you!

Are you drawn to a simpler homesteader way of life? 

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