self sufficientWhen you make the mindful choice to simplify your life you automatically start thinking of ways you can take care of yourself and become more self-sufficient.

Many think living simple means moving to the country to raise animals and tend to a large garden, and it can mean that but for most it means taking control of your life, no matter where or how you live. It means making the best choices for your family and not relying on others to do what you have been given two hands to do yourself. 

It starts with changing the way you think and learning how to rely on yourself. 

Here are a few things you can do to become more self-sufficient.

Self Sufficient Living

This was one of my favorite books when we first started looking into self-sufficient living.

  • Learn to cook at home
  • Learn to grow vegetables
  • Learn about green cleaners and rid your home of harmful chemicals
  • Learn to recycle, reuse and make do
  • Learn to change your own oil
  • Mow your own grass
  • Learn to do basic home maintenance
  • Learn to iron your own laundry
  • Learn how to sew
  • Learn how to give a basic haircut
  • Learn how to do basic gardening 

Living a simpler life by becoming more self-sufficient isn’t hard it just takes a desire to take back control of your life and do for yourself.

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