You have spent months planning, planting, growing, watering, fertilizing and now your garden is producing baskets of fresh vegetables for you to enjoy.

Preserving Your Harvest

By now I bet you can agree there is nothing like the flavor of homegrown vegetables along with the satisfaction you get every time you walk through your garden.

But now the reality has set in that you need to start preserving your harvest or all your hard work will go to waste. Canning can be a lot of work, but there is something special about going to the pantry and opening a taste of summer in the middle of winter.

Before you start canning and freezing give some thought to how you like to eat your vegetables.

For me, I enjoy frozen corn and peas better that canned and I like canned green beans over frozen. We enjoy pickled beets better than dill pickles and we like canned peaches over frozen. No one in my family likes canned carrots, but I do like to have them in the freezer for winter soups and stews. And lastly we prefer jellies over jams and homemade spaghetti sauce over salsa.

So see before you start on a marathon of canning determine what your family enjoys and only put work into what you know will be eaten.

If you are new to canning I highly recommend taking the time to read the “Principles of Home Canning”. This guide will teach you all the basic tools and skills needed to be a successful canner.

I would also visit and get to know the Ball’s website “Fresh Preserving” inside and out. They have helped me time after time answer any of my canning questions.

Tracy Lynn



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