Author: Tracy Fredrychowski

Homemade Stain Remover

My Favorite Homemade Stain Remover I’m one of those homemakers who loves to do laundry.  I know …crazy right?  I’m constantly looking for new ways to make my families clothes last longer and I’m always up for a challenge to get a new laundry stain out.  Over the years I’ve had fun learning how to make homemade stain remover.  I’ve even replaced so many cleaning products with all-natural or homemade, that I never go down those aisles in the grocery store anymore.  I don’t know about you, but those last few aisles are the ones that usually racked up my...

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The Look of Today’s Homesteader

Are you drawn to a simpler homesteader way of life?  If so, you are like so many other Americans tired of this crazy busy life and are yearning to slow down to a simpler way of living.  Homesteaders today are not concerned with climbing the social ladder they are learning to live on less and gaining a deeper satisfaction of being able to take care of themselves. For us, we remember while we were still working our corporate jobs we spent our days dreaming about building our homestead and were so over measuring our success by the size of...

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The Power of the Apron – An Icon from the Past

There’s something special that happens when I open the drawer, pull out my favorite blue apron and tie it snugly around me.  Not sure how I can explain the transformation that the power of the apron has.  I know once I put it on the emotion I feel is something like being caught in a time warp.  The yearning for a simpler life mixed with the memories of my mother and grandmothers wearing theirs always brings me to a place long ago but in this day and time. Long forgotten was technology that had just consumed me for the last...

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Easiest Vegetables to Grow

If you are new to gardening choosing what to grow the first time can be overwhelming!  Nothing will discourage you more than planting a garden and have it not grow. Be assured that we all were in your shoes at one point!  Over the years, I have learned that no matter what you do there are a few easy to grow vegetables that anyone can grow with great success.  But first…there are a couple things you need to do before you put one seed in the ground. Test your soil. – Often people think they don’t have a green...

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5 Ways You to Simplify Your Life

Learn to Simplify Your Life We live in a fast-paced world and trying to find ways to slow down can be a real challenge.  I have spent the last few years putting into practice things to make me stop and enjoy the life around me.  Here are 5 ways you can simplify your life today! Spend some quiet time alone – We are programmed to have lots of friends, to spend time with those we love and to always have people around us, but what we need is alone time. You may be uncomfortable being alone and it may...

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Tracy at Our Simple Homestead Hidden away in Central South Carolina is a little farm where we call home. Surrounded by pine trees, chicken farms, and lots of sandy soil we live a very simple lifestyle by the grace of God.

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