Best women’s garden boots I’ve ever owned!

It’s early morning. It rained yesterday, the yard is muddy, and I need to get across the yard to feed the chickens. I have my shoes nestled near the back door, but which pair do I grab? I know full, and well, they will be covered in mud, and I am already dreading cleaning them up later, which adds one more chore to my long list already.

Nope. Not anymore.​

Recently, I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of insulated gardening boots. They offered to send me a pair of these HISEA Women’s Rubber Garden Boots and let me put them to the test to get an honest opinion of them. I quickly took them up on their offer since I love everything garden and outdoor and resources that will allow me to enjoy it even more!

When I received the boots in the mail, I was immediately drawn to their style.

womens gardening boots

They can be worn high up on your calf, or you can fold them down, revealing an adorable floral pattern that reminded me of the spring flowers that are coming our way! Besides being pretty, wearing these boots folded down like a bootie is nice for those days you just don’t feel like even pulling them all the way up. The top is sturdy with enough support if you want them up, but soft enough to fold over. Just slip your foot in, and go!

The lower part of the boot is made from solid, good quality rubber. The bottoms have excellent traction that keeps you from slipping and sliding all over the muddy yard. These are not snow-boots –  meaning they are not lined with insulation to keep your feet warm. They are, however, 100% waterproof and WILL keep your feet dry. They are a phenomenal choice for farm work where water, mud, or snow create slushy messes that you have to walk through. These boots will absolutely get the job done!

Besides the fashion and function of these boots, the ability to wear them beyond the farm is a must!

womens sloggers

I can spray the mud off these garden boots with the water hose and continue wearing them for a run into town if needed, or maybe just a long walk to momentarily clear my head and soak in a little nature. I took a long walk in them one afternoon, and they were as comfortable as if I had worn tennis shoes. My feet did not hurt at all!

Cute. Comfy. Practical. Does it get any better than that?

Grab these pretty mud boots here>>

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