Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is, or what your life as a homesteader should look like?

I remember when I first left my full-time corporate job I wandered aimlessly around our farm trying to find where I fit in. 

It took me a long time to realize God had a purpose for me and I just needed to embrace and figure out what his plan for me was.

At that point, I wanted to do it all:

  • I wanted a big garden.
  • I wanted a barn filled with animals.
  • I wanted to milk a cow and raise goats. 
  • I wanted to spend hours spinning alpaca fiber and sewing. 
  • I wanted to plant a herb garden and make my own herbal remedies and lotions.
  • I wanted to raise bees and sell honey.
  • I wanted to bake, can and make everything I could from scratch.
  • But most of all, I wanted to be here to take care of my family the way God intended me to be. 

In those early days, I tried to figure out where I fit in with the whole “Back to the Land Movement.”

I had never heard the word homesteading and I really didn’t even know what it would look like. Little did I know I had grown up with homesteading parents and didn’t even know it.  What I thought was a typical way of life was different from most. I quickly figured out I didn’t need to return to my ancestral roots …I was already living it. 

Now the term homesteader or homesteading clearly means living a self-sufficient lifestyle no matter if you live in the country, an urban setting or even in the city. 


finding yourself as a homesteader

During the whole process of finding out where I fit in as a homesteader, I had to learn the hard way that I have a set of unique talents and skills that were naturally bestowed upon me. 

Those skills didn’t include some of the items on my wish list and I had to come to accept that. 

I came to realize that I couldn’t spend my life doing things that I was not gifted at and I needed to concentrate on the things I loved doing and did very well.

So where has that left me?

  • It left me planting more raised beds then that huge garden that I couldn’t take care of myself. 
  • I figured out I love raising chickens, but really don’t enjoy raising pigs.
  • I found a source for fresh raw milk rather than milking a cow.
  • I found that I can grow mint, calendula, and thyme really good so I concentrate on those herbs
  • I found that three beehives kept me busy enough that I didn’t need to venture into selling it.
  • I found I would rather crochet then sew and I enjoyed carding alpaca fiber better than spinning it.
  • I found that it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy a meal out or pick up a loaf of bakery bread when needed.
  • Above all, I found that my greatest joy comes from being here to take care of my husband the way he enjoys. The smile on his face when he comes home to a home-cooked meal or knowing exactly where something is he’s looking for and even being here to run errands for him is what God has sent me to do. 

I encourage you to look at what you enjoy, what you’re good at and then let that mold you into the life you desire. 

Homesteading isn’t about fitting into a box just like everyone else, It’s about taking your God-given talents and making the best of it.

Trust in your ability and don’t be afraid to be unique…no two homesteaders are the same!

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