After the hives have been put to sleep for the winter, and the pollen has stopped running, it is time for us to reap the benefits of raising bees. For us, that is the sweet taste of my famous Peanut Butter Honey Spread.  Added to a slice of warm homemade bread,  this wintertime treat is a favorite of our grandchildren.

Mix 3/4 cup creamy peanut butter, 1/2 cup honey, and 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, spoon it into a glass jar and keep it close to the bread…it will go fast!

Peanut Butter Honey Spread

I have to say the honey we harvest from our bees is one of my favorite things we produce on our homestead!  I use it as much as I can, and as long as our yearly supply lasts.

There are a few tips and tricks I have learned over the years about cooking with honey…nature’s natural sweetener:

  1. The taste of honey will depend on the perfume of flowers from which it was taken.  In the spring, when the blackberries are in bloom, ours takes on a fruity flavor. During the summer, when the Sourwood trees are in bloom, it changes to a slightly spicing flavor. 
  2. Honey stores best in a warm, dry location. We keep ours on the counter and use it everyday.
  3. All honey will granulate eventually.  Even though it will crystalize at some point, ours never last long enough to granulate.  If it does, just warm it until is runs smooth again.
  4. To measure honey without it sticking, coat your measuring cup with a few drops of vegetable oil first.  Your honey will slide right out.  
  5. Honey is sweeter than sugar. When replacing honey with sugar in a recipe, use 1/4 less. 
  6. Learn how to spot an imposter honey.  Knowing real honey from fake.

There is nothing like the sweet taste of honey…it often comes with a couple bee stings each year, but is well worth the effort when it is dropping down your arm or smotherd on a piece of warm bread.
Tracy Lynn



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