How to freeze a bushel of corn in 15 minutes!

Thanks to a couple new farming friends I’ll never dread freezing corn again!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with my friend’s family, who happens to do a lot of vegetable farming. I spent all my time asking questions and taking in as much as I could from their 30 years of experience in growing vegetables, especially corn.  I love learning new things and this weekend I learned a new way to freeze corn.

I came home with a bushel of sweet corn and about that many tomatoes. I was a little worried about how I was going to get them put up before they all went bad.  However, with my new freezing method, I was able to get a whole bushel of corn done in 15 minutes.

how to freeze corn

This was the easiest method I’ve ever come across and they swear by it, It was really as simple as one, two, three…

1. “With a sharp knife, cut the silk end off pass the worm (if there is one).”

2. With the husk left on, place the cob in a heavy-duty freezer bag or seal-a-meal bags.

3. After the bag is filled and sealed, place the bag in the freezer

How much simpler can you get?

Straight from the freezer you can put the frozen cob it in the microwave for a few minutes, boil the cob in water or even let it thaw and cut it off the cob. For the first time, I cooked a couple of ears in the microwave Sunday night for dinner and the husk steams the corn and it tasted great. You can even throw the frozen cobs; in the husk on the grill if you like that grilled corn flavor and the husk will protect the corn and steam it as it cooks.

What a great tip on how to freeze corn!

If you have not tried to freeze your corn this way take it from two very experienced southern gardeners.  Now…finding time to do up the tomatoes that are all over my porch is my next task!

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