Knowing real honey from fake.

Everything is in full bloom and our bees have been busy making honey. One of my favorite days is when hubby says he is going to go pull honey.

There is nothing like that first taste, or to suck on a piece of honeycomb and extract all the real honey from its waxy centers, it’s like heaven in a bee hive!

raw honey

I have to admit I have been disturbed to read about the fake honey being sold in stores. Most honey sold in the United States is processed through a major filtration system that removes virtually all of the pollen naturally occurring in the product.

When we have been taught all about all the natural healing properties honey has and how it can fight off disease, it is disturbing to read that manufactured honey is often heated, which can damage some of the natural benefits of using honey.

If you have a favorite brand, please check and make sure you are serving your family real honey and if at all possible buy honey from a local beekeeper. Most beekeepers have stands at local farmers markets and sell their products in health food stores, so it is readily available.

You can check to see if your honey is real by:

  • Reading the label. Real honey will have no additives listed in the ingredients list.
  • Do a dissolving test. In a small glass of water add a tablespoon of honey. If it is fake, it will dissolve in the water. If it is real, it will stick together and sink to the bottom of the glass.

I know our honey is real and love seeing its’ golden glory every time it is pulled from the hives.

If you can not find a local bee farmer you can purchase raw real honey online through Amazon.  

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