I’ve lived in the country for a better part of my whole life. 

My fingernails have been caked with dirt, I’ve worn holes in the knees of my jeans, I’ve tried and failed at so many DIY projects I’ve lost count, a tube of lipstick has lasted for years, and still, my favorite spot at the end of the day is anywhere I can watch the sunset sitting in a field of grass.

I’ve had so many things that I love about being a country girl that this little blog post couldn’t begin to name them all.  But, here are my top 8 things that make my heart skip a beat and prove to me every day that I LOVE living and BEING a country girl!

wild flowers

Freshly picked wildflowers are better than a dozen roses any day!

rocking chiars

A front porch with a rocking chair is like a vacation to me.


The best farmers market is in my backyard.

muddy boots

My favorite muck boots are a pair of cowboy boots.

mason jar

My fine china consists of mason jars.

best friends

Some of my best friends were hairy and they spit a lot…and I didn’t mind.

crowing rooster

A rooster crowing is the best concert I have ever attended.

I could go on forever!  How about you…what are a few of your favorite country girl loves?

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