Have you been dreaming of living more self-sufficient?

Maybe your dream is to leave the rat-race behind and learn how to be more responsible for your own well-being? If so, I am here to tell you it is possible to achieve your dreams!

There’s no particular guide I can give you to become more self-sufficient, but if you change your mindset and start tackling some of the following steps you can be well on your way to a simpler, healthier self-sufficient living.

So what does self-sufficient living mean?

It’s all about learning how to provide for our own needs. It means taking on a spirit of independence and become passionate about the life you live.

I know from past experiences deciding where to start on this journey can be overwhelming. You may think that you need to live in the country to live a simpler life, but in all reality, you can live and work anywhere …it’s all a state-of-mind. One of the most difficult aspects of learning to be more sufficient is changing the way you think about how you spend your money, where your food comes from and how to reuse and recycle.

Making the decision to turn your back on the technology-laden environment and embrace a simpler way of life is as easy as putting some of the following 30 self-sufficient lifestyle  goals in place:

  1. Review the power usage of your home.
    • Replace light bulbs with energy-saving ones.
    • Unplug anything that is not currently in use.
    • Close doors to rooms, not in use to conserve energy.
    • Replace electric clocks with wind up ones.
  2. Start line-drying your laundry.
  3. Plant raised beds or container gardens.
  4. Learn to compost and add great nutrients to your gardens.
  5. Learn to cookwholesome old-fashion meals.
  6. Learn to make your own cleaning supplies.
  7. Learn to can in-season fruits and vegetables.
  8. Downsize – Take a good look at your home to determine if downsizing is an option.
  9. Less is more – There is something about purging all the stuff you collect over the years…it’s liberating!
  10. Know where your food comes from.
  11. Learn the benefits of herbs for medicinal purposes.
  12. Understand the difference between a need and want.
  13. Cut out our cable. Netflix is an inexpensive alternative for a fraction of the cost.
  14. Shop at second-hand stores.
  15. Stop buying paper products. -Look at the money you waste each week on paper towels, tissues, and napkins.  Those paper items can be replaced with old rags.
  16. Recycle, Reuse, Make Do
  17. Eat Seasonally – Buying out of season fruits and vegetables is very costly. Plan your meals around what is fresh and in-season.
  18. Watch for sales and only buy items when they go on sale.
  19. Shop at stores that offer volume discounts and those that are typically cheaper.
  20. Stop using your dishwasher.
  21. Plan your meals ahead and don’t rely on your microwave or prepacked foods.
  22. Let your hair dry naturally.
  23. Go to bed when the sun goes down and gets up when the sun comes up.
  24. Find an alternative heat source. Wood, solar or wind power.
  25. Stock your pantry with staples and home-canned goods.
  26. Collect and use rainwater to water gardens.
  27. Become your own handyman Learn to repair things around your home as well as basic car maintenance and repair.
  28. Use a push mower instead of a gas or electric mower.
  29. Learn to Sew, Knit or – These are all excellent skills to have, if not necessary skills for a self-sufficient lifestyle.
  30. Set one day a week as a technology-free day.

Take back control of your life and set your mind to apply some or all of these tips to your life.

If you need some motivation, I encourage you to connect with like-minded people. Making friends with people who are looking for the same kind of changes will make your transition into this type of lifestyle easier. Take classes, join online forms, search Facebook groups on homesteading or living simple, and step outside your comfort zone and connect with people in your own community.

30 Self-Sufficient Living Tips


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