In order to keep my mind clear of unwanted clutter, I spend a few minutes throughout the day connecting with my senses. Even here on the farm, where I have plenty of open spaces to relax and unwind I often see the need to remind myself how living a simple life is a state of mind.

living simple is a state of mind

It’s putting your worries and concerns into perspective; it’s finding a balance between life and work, and its living life at its fullest every moment. For me it is taking time out of my day to re-connect with the things I love about our little homestead and why we choose to live this way.

You can do the same by finding the most quiet spot in your home.
My favorite place is our sunroom with the windows opened and a fresh breeze blowing in.

Close your eyes take a deep cleansing breath and connect with all five of your senses.

It’s morning while I am writing this, so I am sharing what my senses are awakening to.

Touch… what can you feel?
The cat purring in my lap.

Taste…what can you taste?
Coffee with cream and sugar.

Sound… what can you hear?
The roster crowing and the hum of a nearby tractor.

Smell… what can you smell?
Banana nut muffins are baking.

Sight… what do you see?
The sun is dancing off the lilies in my flower garden and a hummingbird looking for breakfast.

By taking the time to think about the things that surround you, you can momentarily calm yourself and reflect on the day at hand by simply enjoying living your life.

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