Have a heart-to-heart with yourself.

Finding Your Happy

The past couple years I’ve made great strides in making sure I “love what I do and do what I love.” It hasn’t always been easy and I’ve spent a great deal of time doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing rather than following my heart and doing what I truly enjoyed. 

Finding your happy sounds easier than it is. Think about it…when was the last time you really had a heart to heart conversation with yourself?

Doing what you love and finding those things that really make you happy takes some soul-searching. I’ve found that simplifying my life was half the battle, the other half was making sure I made time for those things that make me smile.

Do you want to find your happy? Take a few minutes are work on these few points:

  1. Make a list of everything in life that makes you smile.
    My list looks like this:
    Spending a day away with my hubby, flowers, walking in nature, hanging laundry, mowing grass, a clean house, a full pantry, the sunshine, a warm fire, baking, pretty things, a good book, living simple and spending time with the Lord.
  2. From those things what are your top five?
    Mine would be:
    Spending time with the Lord, a day away with hubby, walking in nature, flowers, and finding ways to live simple.
  3. Dig deep into yourself and answer how each of those things makes you feel.
    My answers would be:
    Spending time with the Lord – Calm and at peace
    A day away with hubby – In love
    Walking in nature – Energized
    Flowers – Amazed
    Finding ways to live simple – In control
  4.  The next step is finding time in your life to implement YOUR happy!

Finding Your Happy

Thanks for stopping by!

Tracy Lynn

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