We love living in the country, on our little homestead, living as close to the land as our ancestors did. Sure, we have electricity, running water and most modern conveniences but we still work the land, tend to our livestock and grow most of our own food. 



Homesteading can be much work, but when it comes to the end of the day and you are bone tired you feel good knowing you have put in a good wholesome days work. 

Here is peek into a day in our life as homesteaders.

henry the rooster

Our day started with Henry our rooster meeting us at the door for his morning treat. 

meat rabbits

Morning chores start with feeding and watering our meat rabbits.

raising pigs

Bacon and ham were waiting for breakfast.

cleaning pig pens

The pig pen was in need of a good cleaning.

corn fields

A walk through the fields to check on the corn crop.

meat chickens

 The meat chickens were all fed and watered for the day.

laying hens

The hen house was full of the morning layers.


A couple loads of laundry made it to the line to dry in the bright sunshine.

I finally found heavy duty clothespins.

I’ve been line drying clothes for years, and have gone through many different styles of clothespins. From plastic, to peg, to cheaply made China pins, and no matter which ones I bought, I never could find any heavy duty clothespins that would hold up to the wind we get here on the farm. My clothes would always end up on the ground. Since I was introduced to these hand-made heavy duty clothes pins I don’t have to worry about anything ending up on the ground!

path in the woods

A nice walk through the woods to check on the back deer plot.

planting tomato

Seedlings started to replace some we lost due to cold weather.


I took some time to stop and enjoy the butterflies that were taking advantage of some spring flowers.

checking on bees

 Checked on the bee hives and are happy to see them bringing pollen back to the hives.


Trimmed old stocks out of the blackberry patches.

strawberry jam

Made a batch of strawberry jam.

chocolate cake

 Baked a chocolate cake for dinner.

stringing peas

Strung up the peas in the garden.

planting corn

Planted a second harvest of corn.

gathering eggs

Had a special visit from our granddaughter and she got to do her favorite job…gather eggs.

feeding pigs

She even got to help with evening chores.


From our homestead to yours…enjoy your life whereever you live.