Jump Rope Songs and Rhymes

One of my first memories of singing jump rope songs were in elementary school jumping rope to “Down in the valley where the green grass grows there sat Tracy sweet as a rose…” 

What I also remember is my white knee-high socks falling down and being so mad at them I took them off and jumped rope in my bare feet.  When recess was over, I got in trouble for taking my shoes off and got a note sent home to my mother. Oh…the simple days of jumping rope and recess!

This past weekend I had my granddaughters, and I was trying to teach them to play jump-rope.  I was also teaching them some of those old-time favorite jumping songs.  I had to look a few of them up, but they came right back to me, and it took me back to 1970. 

I sure hope the young girls of today find as much joy in a simple game of jump rope as I did was when I was a child.  If you have little ones in your life, please take a moment to teach them some of these old fashion jump rope songs, you will be making wonderful memories for them!

jump rope songs

Johnny gave me apples,
Johnny gave me pears.
Johnny gave me fifty cents
To kiss him on the stairs.
I gave him back his apples,
I gave him back his pears.
I gave him back his fifty cents
And kicked him down the stairs.

Laura and David
Sitting in a tree,
First comes love,
Then comes marriage
Then comes Laura
With a baby carriage.

Down in the valley
Where the green grass grows,
There sat Tracy Sweet as a rose.
She sang, she sang,
She sang so sweet.
Along came Craig
And kissed her cheek.
How many kisses did he give her?
One, two, three, tour, five…

I went upstairs to make my bed.
I made a mistake and bumped my head.
I went downstairs to milk my cow.
I made a mistake and milked a sow.
I went in the kitchen to bake a pie.
I made a mistake and baked a fly.

I love coffee.
I love tea.
I love boys.
And the boys love me.

Cinderella dressed in yellow
Went downstairs to kiss her fellow.
How many kisses did she give?
One, two, three, four, five…

Do you have a favorite that you remember?  Please share it with us, and maybe we can pass on this old-time favorite game to some young children of today!

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