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While living in a modern world I often feel pulled by my reliance on modern technology and appliances.  No matter how hard I try to do without many of the conveniences that surround me, I still find myself drawn to so many things.  Things that I don’t need or desire in my life.  Things that cloud my vision, add noise to my life and force me to drown out what our living simple goals are.

5 Simple Steps for Simple Living

Over the years I’ve learned to do without so many things, I would consider myself an expert in living a simple life, but lately, I have found noise edging its way back in. I had to stop and take a good look at my life and I’ve found five things I could do to bring the simple back into my life.

5 Simple Steps to Simple Living:

  1. Keep the house quiet. – Often the noise and stress we allow in our lives come from constant stimulation to our brain.  The noise of a TV or radio adds clutter to my world and is the one thing I have complete control over.
  2. Good old-fashion hard work. – There is nothing as satisfying to my soul as a few hours spent working in the garden.  The sound of the birds and the feel of the sun on my back bring joy to my life.
  3. Staying organized. – There are days when my to-do-list overwhelms me. I’ve started making a list on Monday of the things I need to do that week and then I assign a day next to the list item.  Even though my list is long, I know I only need to complete a couple things on any day to help me feel in control.  It’s been liberating to cross off items and see the list completed by Friday.
  4. Say no. – I cannot stress enough how important learning to say no is!  Prioritizing what is most important and saying no to the rest is the only way I keep my life sane.
  5. Use your hands. – From hand washing dishes to kneading bread I concentrate on doing things the old-fashion way.  Anytime I can use my hands to complete a job that typically I would use an appliance for I feel in touch with my inner self and it gives me time to enjoy the job at hand.

If you struggle like me to keep the influences of the modern world from invading your life I encourage you to step back and prioritize your life.  Find the things that make you happy and keep you grounded in a simple life.  For me, it is little things, like hanging clothes, canning, spinning fiber, baking bread, and weeding the garden, but most of all I work in enough time to stop and enjoy life.

5 Steps to Simple Living

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5 Steps to Simple Living

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