Making a conscious decision to living a simple life is half the battle.   

Making it actually happen is the real challenge.

Finding Your Simple

Call it the latest fad or the newest lifestyle, but whatever it is people are taking major steps to simplify their lives.  They’re learning to live on less, finding ways to be more self-sufficient, but most of all they’re changing their mindset.

Gone are the days of trying to keep up with the Jones’ today people are looking for ways to de-commercialize their lives and reconnect with their families.

Anytime you make changes to your lifestyle you will need to overcome obstacles. Some obstacles you will conquer and some you’ll fail at, but the key is recognizing the signs and being prepared for the battle.

Here are just a few living simple life obstacles you may encounter:

  1. Temptation – Watch out because the marketing world is your worst enemy. You’re bombarded with countless marketing ads each and every day.  Commercials for the fastest cars, the newest technology, the best gadget, or the latest must-have item clutter you mind at every turn.  Falling prey to consumerism is one of the hardest battles to win.
    • Solution: Tune out these distractions.  Turn off the TV and radio and block commercials from your life and if you must watch TV rent movies with no commercials and listen to music channels that have no ads.
  2. Finding Your Simple – Having a simple mindset is not about changing your life drastically in one day.  It’s all about finding a simple balance to managing the things you allow in your life. From possessions to activities, it is all about evaluating those things that are necessary and cutting out the things that clutter your life.
    • Solution: Stand back and take a good look at the things that surround you.  Do you need to belong to three organization or can you cut it down to just one?  Do you need ten pairs of shoes when you can only wear one at a time? Make room for what really matters in your life and cut out the rest.
  3. Finding Your Happy – Learning to appreciate the simple things in life is the start to having a simple mindset. Coming to the realization that your happiness stems from the people in your life and not your material possessions is the biggest challenge.
    • Solution: Take the time to build and nurture your relationships. Spend quality time listening to your children, call your mother and develop friendships based on mutual interests. Learn to find your happiness in people and not material objects.

Changing your mindset to a simpler way of thinking takes practice. It’s applying small changes to your everyday life that will make the biggest difference. Little things, like choosing to turn off the TV and picking up the phone to call your mother, or laying your cell phone down and having a conversation with your child will help you change the way you think about life.

Making these few changes by prioritizing what is truly valuable to you is the easiest way to live a simple life.

Living a Simple Life

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