Empty pastures, empty pens, empty hen houses…life on the farm is pretty empty.

I’ve been quiet the last few months and felt you all deserved an explanation on what has happened on our homestead.  Life is what happened!empty pasture

My hubby’s job has had him on the road the last couple years and to tell you the truth I missed him.  So in a weak moment, we made the decision sell off our animals for a few months and take a break so I could travel with him. 

The decision was hard but let me tell you what put me over the edge.

empty hen house

A few months ago I had to leave early to go to an appointment, and before I left, I let the chickens out.  I knew I would be gone until nightfall and wanted to let the hens get some yard time. Since I was going to be gone, all day I left our lab in the house on the sun porch. Normally if I let the hens out I keep Libby outside to protect them or at least alert me to anything that may come in the yard. We had been having trouble with coyotes but didn’t think they would come in during the day.  Well, I was wrong they came…they killed…and they left a mess for me to come home too!   It was heart wrenching to come back to piles of feathers everywhere.  It looked like a war zone, and I just lost it.  When I let Libby out, I could tell she was shaken.  She must have watched what was happening and couldn’t do a thing about it.  She had knocked over a chair, and the rugs were all crumbled as I am sure she paced and barked and couldn’t help the girls at all. At that point I knew hubby was right, I needed a break!  We loved our animals, and it was a sad day when friends came to give them a new home.

So I took a break and went traveling with him.  We lived in our camper and went from job site to job site…together!  Sometimes the simplest change can refresh your body and soul, and it was just what our life needed at that moment in time.

Now to tell you the funny side of all of this…

A few weeks ago hubby got a new job, and his new job will not require him to travel as much.  Isn’t that funny!  God has a sense of humor and must have known way before we found homes for all of our animals that his job would be changing.  I think He knew we needed some time to reconnect with one another, and He made it possible. I look at it as another chapter in our book of life.

empty pens

So as I am writing this hubby is ordering more chickens and scanning the farm papers and farm auctions to fill our pastures back up.   

Our simple life just took a turn for a few months and now we are anxious to get back to homesteading as we once knew it!  

In turn, I will get back to writing and sharing our life on the farm and our passion for simple living.

Thanks for understanding that life just happens and for being one of my faithful readers.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tracy Lynn

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