Even though we love watching these fine four legged creators, we don’t like that they invade our garden every year.  We are already planning our defense strategy for keeping them from feeding on our tender plants.

 how to keep deer out of your garden

We have lived on our farm for six years now and know the exact path the deer take on our property every year.  They are creatures of habit and will repeatedly follow the same paths until the feel they are in danger.

It has become a game…us against the deer!  Some years we win and sometimes they win.  The prize they like the most is an endless supply of sweet corn.

Here are a couple things we are doing to keep them out of our garden:

  1. We string a heavy-duty monofilament fishing line between two metal fence posts, about three feet from the ground all around the garden.  We then add lightweight, noise-making objects such as aluminum pie tins.  The deer will stop and back away from the distraction…and most times will start following a different path around the garden.  They view the shinny noisy object as a threat and will avoid them.
  2. Since we cut our own hair here on the farm, we save the cuttings all winter long to sprinkle them around the garden once our seedling start to pop through the soil.  Deer doesn’t care for the smell of human hair.  I have heard that people will also add the hair to nylon stocking tied at both ends and lay them around their gardens as well.  We never have that much hair saved, but I can bet it works great.

Keeping these wild animals from destroying all our hard work is an on-going issue for us. If you have any tips or ideas you can share on how you keep them from your garden, please share them with us!

Tracy Lynn

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