Save time with this Homestead Seed Kit

For the last few weeks, my mailbox has been jam-packed with seed catalogs from at least ten different seed companies.  I’ve spent hours reading through each one of them and making my wish list for this year’s garden.

Even my favorite garden store has its shelves stocked and is starting to promote spring planting season.  Fortunately, we live in an area where spring comes quick, and it won’t be long until I get to dig my hands into the warm soil and watch new little green shout starting to sprout.

I have to admit all those seed catalogs can be overwhelming at times with so many choices and varieties.  This year I’ve decided to make it easy on myself, and I’m ordering a complete package that takes all the guesswork out of all those choices.

Take a look at this All-in-1 Homestead Seed Bank I found!

The Homestead Seed Kit is designed to give you everything you need to start living off the land and growing your own organic food – no matter where you live. 

What’s Included: 

  • 25 popular varieties   
  • Individually packaged and labeled resealable bags.
  • Mylar bag packaging with a zip-lock enclosure for long-term storage.
  • Plus as a bonus, they include: 25 Seed Starting soil pellets so you can start your seeds indoors and get a head start on planting.

Grow Your Own Organic Food with 100% NON-GMO seeds.

While you’re waiting for your Homestead Seed Bank to come, keep some of my planting garden tips in mind:

Only plant what your family will eat.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying seeds but remember if your garden space is limited or your family will only eat certain things you’re wasting your time planting things no one will eat. 

That is what I love about this All-in! Kit. Everything in it my family eats! Well, let me rephrase that. All except the cilantro, but my daughter swears she has a salsa recipe that she wants to try if I plant her some cilantro.

There are literally seeds and varieties to suit every taste, and I should know since I drool over seed catalogs for months and have to limit myself to what really enjoy.

Which again this All-in-1 Homestead Seed Bank has the perfect combination of everything we usually plant and eat.

Only plant what will grow in your garden.

I know from experience that what grows in the north won’t grow here in the south.  I’ve learned only to grow what I know will work in my gardening zone and tend to grow the same things over and over again.

Don’t buy more than you have room for.

I’m so guilty of this and have learned from my overzealous tendencies. 

If you go crazy buying and sowing seeds, only to find you don’t have enough room for everything, it will be overwhelming in the spring trying to figure where to plant all those seedlings.

Even though some of the packets in this All-in-1 Seed Kit have more seeds then I’ll plant in a year, they have a 5-year guarantee shelflife. I won’t have to buy seeds for years.

My mouth is just watering with the throughs of that first ripe red tomatoes or the snap of that first green beans fresh from the garden.

homestead seed kit

Every Homestead Seed Bank comes with all of these 25 popular varieties:

  1. Basil – Italian Large Leaf
  2. Bean (Pole) – Kentucky Wonder
  3. Bean (Bush) – Contender 
  4. Beet – Detroit Dark Red 
  5. Broccoli – DiCicco 29 
  6. Brussels Sprout – Long Island Improved
  7.  Cabbage – Golden Acre
  8. Carrot – Little Finger
  9. Cilantro (Coriander) – Slow Bolt
  10. Cucumber – Straight 8
  11. Cucumber – Marketer
  12. Kale – Blue Curled Scotch
  13. Lettuce – Gourmet Mesclun Mix
  14. Lettuce – All Year
  15. Melon – Hales Best Jumbo
  16. Onion – White Sweet Spanish 
  17. Onion – Tokyo Long White 
  18. Pea – Sugar Ann
  19. Pepper (SWEET!) – California Wonder
  20. Spinach – Nobel Giant
  21. Squash (Summer) – Black Beauty
  22. Swiss Chard – Hot Pink
  23. Tomato – Beefsteak Ponderosa Red
  24. Tomato – Homestead
  25. Watermelon – Sugarbaby

Take the guesswork out of choosing seeds for your Homestead Garden this year!

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