If you are new to gardening choosing what to grow the first time can be overwhelming! 

Nothing will discourage you more than planting a garden and have it not grow.

Be assured that we all were in your shoes at one point!  Over the years, I have learned that no matter what you do there are a few easy to grow vegetables that anyone can grow with great success. 

But first…there are a couple of things you need to do before you put one seed in the ground.

  1. Test your soil. – Often people think they don’t have a green thumb, but it could be bad soil. Adding the right nutrients to your soil will always ensure you have a successful garden.  Over time, you can continue to improve your soil by adding organic fertilizers and compost, but this very first soil test is vital for a healthy crop.
  2. Figure out your growing season. – Know what your predicted last frost date is and what growing zone you live in. Most seed packets will tell you when to plant according to your last frost date.

After you have amended your soil, and you know your last frost date, you are ready to plant your first garden with these easiest vegetables to grow.

Easiest Vegetables to Grow

Here is a list of fail-proof veggies to plant:

Early Spring Planting

A blend of salad mix lettuces and other salad greens are a must.  Plant small patches a couple of weeks apart to have fresh greens for months.

Potatoes grow from sprouting spuds and can be found online or at your local garden center. Mulch is a potatoes best friend! Keeping your potatoes hilled and covered in straw will always produce a good crop.

Radishes are easy to grow and they take just 20 days to reach full size.

Late Spring Planting – Plant after your last predicted frost date.

Green beans adapt well to any soil conditions.

Cherry tomatoes and a slicing tomato like “Early Girl” are good choices for a first-time gardener.  Tomatoes like to be watered at the ground level. Water deep to encourage good root development to help support the vines as they mature.  Place a tomato cage over your plant at an early age.  If you like basil, it is easy to grow and loves to be planted next to tomatoes.  The basil deters bugs and adds a nice flavor to the tomatoes.

Summer squash is always a hit!  Plant at least three plants for good pollination and start getting creative on ways to cook it…you will have plenty!

Cucumbers if given enough water will grow like weeds. It is not summer around here if I don’t have a big jar of Refrigerator Pickles going.

Start planning your garden now…and don’t forget to test your soil!

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