Living a simple life happens in many forms, but for us, it means relying on ourselves for everything we need.

Getting started living a simple life.

Hubby and I spent a day chopping and stacking firewood last week, and while we were working quietly together I got to thinking about how our lives have changed. 

Just six short years ago we were running the same rat race many Americans are today.  We were working 60 hour weeks, trying to pay for things we didn’t need.  A big house, too many cars, and large credit card debt resulting from the must-have mentality we were living by.

Was it easy to break the cycle?  You bet it was and it didn’t come without sacrifices along the way.  Gone are the days of designer clothes, expensive dinners, and long vacations. Now our life consists of home-cooked meals, a full pantry, farm chores, budgets and a never-ending to-do list. But, most of all it comes with an overwhelming sense of peace.

Just knowing that we can take care of ourselves means more to us than anything we could ever buy.  To know we can raise our own meat, stock our own pantry, eat our own farm raised eggs, reuse and recycle everything we possibly can, and even make our own form of entertainment is a dream come true.

Living a simple life came easily to us since we both wanted it so badly and most of all we wanted to take back control of our lives.

I remember in the very beginning we had to start small.  We had to find ways we could simplify our lives while we looked for a way to change them in bigger ways.

Here are a few things we did to get started living a simple life:

  • We changed our mindset. – We were stuck thinking that the only way we could live simple was to move to the country.  But, what we realized is we could live simple by just making a few small changes in our everyday life.
  • We stopped relying on Walmart to provide for our everyday needs. – We started small….I learned to make bread and homemade cleaning supplies.
  • We gave up boxed foods. – By learning to cook at home we broke away from the prepackaged, unhealthy foods, and made the switch to good wholesome real food. While I was still working I, utilized my crock-pot and planned ahead to stop the ready-made food crutch we were on.
  • We learned where our food came from. – We started shopping weekly farm stands and farmers markets. We got to know the farmers and produce growers in our area and started buying from them.
  • Learned the difference between a want and a need. – One of the biggest hurdles for us was knowing when to tell ourselves NO. We were so used to buying whatever we wanted whenever we thought we needed it.  In most cases that led us to charge items we thought we couldn’t live without.
  • We took inventory. – We stopped and took a good look at our life.  We needed to determine what areas we had lost control of.  For us, it was our work schedules and spending habits. Once we figured out those specific areas, we went to work creating a simple plan to tackle them.

Your list may look different, but please know that life is what you make of it. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or in the country you can find a balance in your life by learning to take care of yourselves and stop relying on others to take care of you.

If all the big box stores closed tomorrow, could you provide the basic needs for your family?

How to Get Started Living a Simple Life

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