Frugal rewards come easy when living simply.

I never dreamed that our years of living frugally and downsizing would bring us so many rewards, but it has!  The frugal reward of living a simpler life can be seen in our faces every day.

frugal reward

I wake up with a smile on my face looking forward to the day and my hubby hops out of bed anxious to go to a job he loves.  Believe me, that was not us a few years ago when we were trapped in a consumerist lifestyle that was draining the life out of the both of us.

Cutting back and learning to live with less was contagious, so much so that the more we cut back, the more we gained peace-of-mind.

Our rewards may be different than yours, but here is a list of the things we feel we gained by changing our life:

  • We appreciate the beauty around us. – Living in the country changes a person. It makes you aware of the little things in life like a hummingbird or the site of a new litter of rabbits.
  • It made us better problem solvers. – When we lived in the city the big box store was in our backyard so being creative was never an option we would just go to the store and buy what we needed.  Now we re-use and make do with what we have first, and going to the store is the last result or in most cases, we do without.
  • We are always busy. – We never have a problem with insomnia since the to-do list is never-ending.  There is something wonderful about going to bed dog-tired,  it makes us feel like we have accomplished an honest day’s work. Gone are the days filled with endless phone calls, emails, and clients.  Now they are filled with shovels, tractors and feed bags.
  • No more stressful days. – Don’t get me wrong, stress still does try to sneak its way into our lives, but now we choose what we allow to creep in and what we turn away. It is much easier to walk away from a stubborn pig then it is a stubborn co-worker.
  • We downsized to simple.  – When we left that big house in the city, we also left hordes of things that had no use or sentimental value to us. Whatever is in our house now has to serve a purpose or it doesn’t stay. We have a true sense of freedom from owning less. I think they call it minimalistic living…we just call it life!
  • Focus. – I am the first one to admit I get overwhelmed quickly, but once we moved to the country I became calmer and more focused.
  • We are healthier. – We long ago gave up rush-hour traffic; store-bought cleaners and hormone-laden meats for clean country air;  all-natural cleaners and farm-raised meat and vegetables.
  • We spend less. – Other than the cost of setting up our homestead we live on very little.  We raise much of our food, use recycled items and do not rely on credit.

Living simple is not for everyone, but the frugal rewards we get every day is such a blessing to us. 

Now we do what we want rather than what we have to do…that is our reward!

The Frugal Reward of Living Simple

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