Poultry Net Electric Fence saved the day! 

Right in the middle of writing this blog post the same gray coyote had the nerve to show up right behind the new fence we had just installed. I am not a very good shot and hubby would have gotten it, but he wanted to take a picture of me instead. The coyote got away, but I’ll get him next time![/caption]

It’s been a battle of wills!

Me and my 22 against the sneaky underhanded skill and agility of a pack of coyotes that have been stocking and feasting on our best backyard chickens. We needed to find an electric chicken fence to protect our valuable hens.

electric chicken fence

We clipped each bird’s wings so they couldn’t fly over the fence.

Poultry Net Electric Fence come to my rescue!

We have been homesteading for seven years now and in that time a wild pack of coyotes have killed, eaten, and preyed on over fifty of our cherished hens, roosters and turkeys. I was determined to make sure our poultry was safe this time around.  So armed with a refresher course on how to handle my hubby’s 22 and new pens and locks I was determined that our farmyard was not going to be a restaurant anymore.

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Poultry-Net-Electric-Fence If you look close you can see our pigs sleeping in the sun…oblivious to us working right beside them.[/caption]

We have always liked to let our chickens out to roam during the day so that they can feast on bugs and crickets, eat fresh grass and dig for grubs and worms until they were stuffed.  Their daily outing makes for very happy birds that provide us plenty of healthy eggs. And after they have been free to roam all day it is easy to get them to roost up at night. But and that is a big BUT…the coyote had learned that dinner time was daytime on our farm and they started to come right in the middle of the day.  

Well, this country girl had enough! There had to be a way we could let our girls roam and still keep them safe.  So off I went to do some research and find an affordable way to fence in our chickens that was good enough to keep the coyotes out.


The corners do need a little support so we added a metal fence post to each corner and zip tied the corner post to our metal post.[/caption]

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Even though at times I turn my back on this electronic world I was very happy that my Internet search for easy to install chicken fence brought me to the electric chicken fence I bought.  We have put in a lot of fences here on the farm and by far this was the easiest electric fence we ever installed. 

Electric Chicken Fence saved our chickens!

It was quick and easy and it just three hours we had it up, the electric turned on and the chickens let out.  They were so happy being free and protected!  Their happy little feet made us smile and the $200 price tag was so worth their happiness. 

Here are just a few of these fences features:

  • Keeps in poultry, sheep, goats, cattle and guard dogs. Keeps out deer, bear, raccoons, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, stray dogs and skunks.
  • It’s a 48″ electrifiable prefabricated fence. 
  • Very easy to set up. Highly conductive, only 35 ohms of resistance per 1,000 ft. of the fence.
  • Double spiked posts for added stability. Double spikes work best in moist and/or soft soil.

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