I’m happy being a homemaker

I wake up every day thankful God made me a woman and I take my role as a homemaker seriously. I have a real sense of accomplishment and contentment attached to doing the work God put me on this earth to do. 

Whether you work from home, are a full-time mother or work for someone else there are ways you can approach your homemaker job with a happy heart.

I can tell you first hand it’s not always easy. I have been a homemaker in one sense of the word for over 35 years and as long as I approached my responsibilities with a joyful heart the actual day-to-day work was easy.

I would love to say that the classy dressed, apron laded; white picket fence of June Cleaver was my style, but I am more of the Granny Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies (without the black gold of course.) 

Some days I feel like I am running around like Granny did and not at all organized and calm like June Cleaver.  I remember as a young mother I always felt rushed, overwhelmed and disorganized. I wish I knew then what I know now and those early years of raising children would have been easier.

I hope by sharing some of the things I’ve learned will help you approach your job as a housewife with more joy.

  1. Get Up and Get Busy – Get up before anyone else and take 15 minutes to be alone. Write down a shortlist of what you hope to accomplish that day. Being organized and in control of your day will ensure your day goes smoother.
  2. Be Realistic – Depending on the season of life you’re in don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself. If you have toddlers, your laundry is never going to be done, and if you have teenagers, there will always be clutter. A home isn’t measured by how clean it is but by how much love is in it.
  3. Stop Comparing – No two homemakers are alike. We all have different skills and talents. You may not have the cleanest house, but you always have a healthy dinner on the table. Your laundry basket may always be full, but your garden is always plentiful.  Embrace your God-given talents and don’t worry about the rest, there is no one-size-fits-all definition to homemaking. And by all means, take the time to look for ways to accomplish your goals even if it means you need to invest in a bread maker so you have homemade bread in the house. I often use my bread machine when I am short on time and ever feel bad about it. Warm fresh bread is still wonderful even from a bread maker.
  4. Forget the “Only If’s” – Stop wishing for things you think you need or things that would make your life better. Live for today and be thankful for what you have and stop living for the “only if’s!”
  5. Take care of yourself – It’s the little things during the day that can keep a smile on your face. Don’t underestimate the therapeutic value of hanging a load of laundry outside while the sun kisses your face or the joy of kneading bread dough with your own two hands. Even lighting a candle in the middle of the day can add a sense of calmness to a busy day.

I have been a homemaker a better part of my entire life and it can be hard at times  No matter what anyone says taking care of your home and family is a big job and just like any other job it comes with everyday stress.

Here are a few more things I have learned over the years that keep me a happy homemaker.

  • I organize my living and working space and purge things that just take up space.
  • I am constantly looking for ways to live below our means and justify every purchase as a need and not a want.
  • I surround myself with other like-minded homemakers.
  • I don’t try to please everyone and try hard to stay out of other people’s drama.
  • I let go of the things I cannot change and concentrate on only the things I can.
  • I put in a good day’s work and don’t get down on myself when I need to take a catnap.
  • I don’t compare my home, family or life to anyone else but my own.
  • I treat my husband with respect and make sure he knows how much I respect his hard work.  In return, he appreciates me and what I do for our family and home.
  • Most of all I learn from my mistakes, often laugh at them and move on.

5 steps to happy homemaking


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