There’s something special that happens when I open the drawer, pull out my favorite blue apron and tie it snugly around me. 

Not sure how I can explain the transformation that the power of the apron has.  I know once I put it on the emotion I feel is something like being caught in a time warp.  The yearning for a simpler life mixed with the memories of my mother and grandmothers wearing theirs always brings me to a place long ago but in this day and time.

Long forgotten was the technology that had consumed me for the last two hours, and with the house quiet I set to work on my chores. While humming to a song on the radio I started to daydream of what life might have been like for my grandmothers. 

Both of my grandmothers were full-time homemakers and even though my own mother worked I can still see her putting her apron on every Sunday to make dinner.  I tried to imagine what my grandmothers’ days would be like.  Both had large families so I’m sure it was filled with plenty of laundry, canning, cooking, and cleaning.  Would they find it odd, that today most women have to work outside the home, or that a home-cooked meal consists of pre-packaged quick-cooking foods or that some women have to hire other women to tend to their children?  Whatever they would think I’m thankful for my own mother taught me how to take care of my home and family.  In return, I have taught my own daughter how to do the same.

If you have a love for aprons like I do, I would highly recommend The Apron Book.  

I downloaded it to my Kindle and I enjoyed reading it. It celebrates the great American icon and reminds me of what I loved about the people who wore them.

With all my daydreaming my morning went by quickly and before I knew it I had the house cleaned, laundry started, supper in the crockpot, eggs gathered, and I was off to the feed store for scratch and straw.

I was halfway down the driveway before I noticed I still had my apron on.  I had to smile at myself thinking how comfortable I am in it that I didn’t even notice I still had it on.   Wouldn’t I have gotten the funny looks had I left it on while stopping at the feed and grocery store?  It’s a shame that times have changed so much that a woman in her apron is not acceptable attire any longer.

My favorite blue bib apron.

With all the apron talk I got to thinking that it’s time for a new one so I dug around in my fabric stash and found just the right pattern for a new one. I might just go cut it out right now and unleash the power of the apron inside of me.

Do you own an apron?  How does it make you feel when you put it on?


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