Something happens to me when the calendar changes and a new year begins.  I get this uncontrollable urge to rid myself of any excess that is lingering around me.

The Tope 10 Things to Purge

I can walk around my home today and see corners and drawers bursting at the seams just begging me to organize and purge the excess that has found its way into them.

We live in a very small house, and in my quest to keep our lives simple I purge our home a couple times a year. 

So as we embark on the New Year, I am looking forward to digging in and ridding myself of clutter!

Here are my top 1o things I will be purging:

  1. Holiday Decorations – Over the years we have really cut back on what we decorate and how much we actually use.  Before I put the decorations up for a year, I will be sorting and purging many of the things we no longer use or have the desire to display.
  2. Magazines – I used to be a magazine junky…no really I should have gone to a magazine support group because it was painful to give up my addiction. Even though I no longer buy magazines, I have had a hard time letting go of some of my favorite issues.
  3. Sewing Supplies – There are three totes that are taking up space in my closet and are in need some serious purging.
  4. Health & Beauty Supplies – I cannot believe how fast the bathroom cabinets collect stuff!  I have made a goal not to buy one thing new until I have used up, thrown out, or made do with what I already have.
  5. Kitchen Utensils – How many serving spoons does one cook need?  By the looks of my kitchen drawer I think the magic number might be “7”! I know I have never used seven of any one utensil, so my kitchen drawers are first on my purging list.
  6. Cleaning Supplies – We make all of our own cleaning products, but I know lingering in the back of my kitchen cupboards are bottles of store bought cleaners that I will never use again.
  7. Glassware – Every January I purge my home, and every January I have a collection of glasses, mugs, and vases that have found their way into my kitchen. I swear they breed in there!
  8. Books – Very rarely do I buy books, but the ones I do buy at yard sales or the second-hand stores tend to add up by year’s end.  I love taking a collection of books and donating them to the library or to our senior center.
  9. Linens – My linen closet is always a jungle, and I am so happy to be ridding myself of all those extra items that are hanging around in there.  Second-hand stores are always in need of bed linens and towels.
  10. Office Supplies – I tend to collect things that I think I may need, but as I look around I can see what I really need and use is just what is on my desk right now. 

I know it can seem like a big job sorting through everything, but keep in mind that if you have not used it in the last year, chances are you will never use it.


Tracy Lynn



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