What would your life look like if you could get rid of everything that didn’t actually reflect your deepest thoughts and desires?

Changing your life to reflect your true being is the very first step you need to make to find the real you.

Finding the Real You

Think of the people and work that you value the most. Are you changing yourself to fit into a mold that someone else has created? Or, are you living by the principles and integrity you have formed for yourself?

I know this is a hard question, and when I first thought about it, I had a hard time distinguishing my values from those around me. I grew up conforming to what my parents expected of me and the values they held dear. As I got older I found myself trying to fit into the mold I thought people wanted me to be.

As life got busy, I let too many outside influences dictate who I was. Commercials told me I wasn’t perfect unless I was a siize 4, the Internet said I wasn’t a good parent if I spanked my children and my community suggested I wasn’t helping out enough if I didn’t volunteer on endless committees.

Over the years I let those savvy marketers and people around me cloud who I really was.

Does this sound like you?

Finding the real you isn’t that hard as long as you make room to search for YOU.

Here are a few ways you can create the space you need to find YOU:

  1. Find time to be alone. – In moments of solitude your mind will be open to see solutions to things that may be weighing on your mind.
  2. Disconnect. – For an hour everyday give yourself a break from your radio, TV, telephone, and Social Media. Your brain needs time to rest when you are awake and will recharge you if you are not filling it will constant noise.
  3. Spend quality time with yourself. – Take a walk, get a manicure, and go to lunch or to the library. Whatever it is do it alone.
  4. Record your own thoughts and feelings. – Buy a journal and write down your feelings and allow your words to flow freely without censorship. This exercise is like empting the trash from your mind. Once it’s on paper you can sort through what is most important and then burn the rest.

Once you have found the space you need, dig deep and get into you again. Only then will be able to clearly see your vision and what you value the most.

For me once I started to spend more time alone I could hear my voice over all the noise around me. It gave me a clearer insight to what I wanted out of life. I was able to live by my dreams and not those of the people around me.

Tracy Lynn

Tracy Lynn

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