We have all been there! Stressed, overwhelmed and that horrible feeling that our life is spinning out of control!

Add Peace to Your Life

I don’t know about you, but I was on a fast moving train ready to crash six years ago.  I have since jumped off and have learned and adopted some basic simple living principles that I practice every day.

One of the first things I did was take a good look at my home. I tried to create a simple space that was devoid of clutter and distractions. By taking on the modest living approach I have pared down our belongs to only those things that serve a purpose and don’t clutter my environment.

It has taken me some time to feel like I have actually made some progress and now as I look back I can contribute my peacefulness to a few life changing aspects.

Here are six ways I have added peace to my life:

  1. Simplicity – Learning to live on less.  For me, it meant passing on collections of things that just took up space.  Things I had to clean, store, move and really added no value to my life. It was learning the difference between a want and a need and how to live on just one income.
  2. Silence – Reducing the noise in your life by turning off sound in your home.  I have found that we enjoy the peacefulness of a quiet house so much more now.  When the TV or radio is on the hum of all that background noise distracts me from enjoying the companionship of my family.  Now when someone talks we truly listen.
  3. Solitude – Find a space that is only yours.  For me, it is a daybed in our spare room.  It is my space to unwind with a good book, meditate, or to take an afternoon nap.  The space is airy, bright and comfortable.  I have my favorite quilt and comfy pillows always waiting and ready for some “me” time.
  4. Cleanliness – Keeping your home clean is the best stress reliever I know.  For me, I have a hard time relaxing if I know there is cleaning to be done.  I spend just 30 minutes every day keeping my home tidy, and by doing so I know that I can relax and enjoy my day in my surroundings.
  5. Finding YOU – What is it that makes your heart sing?  Is it knitting or quilting?  Maybe it is woodworking or reading.  Whatever it is that you enjoy, find time each and every day to indulge yourself in YOUR happiness.
  6. Slowness – Learning to slow your life down can be a real challenge in this fast-paced world we live in.  However, if you take just a few minutes every day to enjoy something at a slower pace the stress of the day will go away.  Enjoy a quiet walk around the block before you pick up the kids from school, park far away from the store entrance and enjoy a walk through the parking lot.  Wash your dishes instead of using the dishwasher.  Stop and marvel at the birds in your bird feeder longer or take your coffee outside to enjoy.

The goal of life...
Slowing down and finding ways to add peace to your life is all about embracing the glory that surrounds you.  Look for ways you can incorporate simplicity in your life and rid yourself of the un-do stress.

Tracy Lynn

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