Steps to living simple.

Does your quest to live a simple life seem like a dream, a task unattainable without a sacrifice, a hard to reach a goal or life only others achieve?

first a steps to living a simple life

It doesn’t have to be any of the above. I have learned that living a simple life comes from within, it is a feeling, a thought, a dream acted out, and it all started with me! I had to change my mindset and the way I look at life and when I did I could take the first steps to living a simple life.

Tweet this: Simply living and living simple are two different things!

  • Simply living is going from one day to the next with no purpose, no dreams, and no way of knowing what tomorrow will bring.
  • Living simple is learning how to take care of yourself; it is knowing that whatever tomorrow brings you will handle it with grace and humility, and it means that you can live on less and be happy about it.

Living simple is...

Don’t wait for that perfect moment, start today, right now, where ever you are!

Step #1 – Write it down.

• Take out a blank piece of paper and pen.

• Turn off all distractions.

• Take a deep breath and feel the peace of the quiet moment.

• Close your eyes and picture what you want your life to look like.

• Open your eyes and write down what you saw.

Step #2 – What did you come up with?

• Is it spending more time with your family?

• Is it living a stress free life?

• Is it feeling more organized and productive?

• Is it getting out of debt?

• Is it being more self-sufficient?

• Or is it a combination of many things?

The first steps to living a simple life starts with you and your first step started right here, right now! It does not have to happen all at once! Take it one step at a time and learn that no one is going to do it for you, but it is going to take you to start. What does your simple living dreams look like?