The easiest way to can venison

The flavor and texture of canned venison is unlike anything I can describe.  It’s tender, tasty and makes an excellent addition to any stew or hearty dish you make!

How to Can Venison

Canning venison is simple and quick. 

What takes the longest is processing the jars in the pressure canner.  Preparing the meat and filling jars takes no time at all.

Here is my step-by-step instruction on how to can venison:

  1. Wash as many quart jars and lids to fit into your pressure canner.
  2. Heat jars in a saucepan filled with water brought to a simmer.  Keep jars in hot water until ready to fill.
  3. Cut chilled meat into pieces suitable for canning. Cut the slices across the grain into 1-inch thick cubes. Trim away any gristle and excess fat.
  4. Fill each hot jar 3/4 full with meat cubes. – DO NOT ADD ANY WATER.  Processing will produce an excellent rich broth all by itself.
  5. Add 1 teaspoon of beef base to each quart jar. (I use Better Than Bouillon Beef Base)
  6. Wipe rims of jars and secure lid and ring.
  7. Follow your pressure canner instructions to process meat.
  8. My pressure canner instructs me to process quarts for 90 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure, but again please refer to your pressure canner for guidance.

What I find the most amazing is even if your meat is tough, canning it will tenderize it to where it just melts in your mouth.

How to Can Venison

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