Keeping onions fresh.

There is nothing like the taste of sweet spring onions in early June and clear into September. I am a big fan of sweet onions. I love them in summer salads, onion rings and my favorite, a big slice on a grilled hamburger. Yum! 

keep sweet onions fresh

Typically these sweet onions, with their high water and sugar content, don’t keep well but I have found a method that I have been using for years that keep my onions fresh all summer long. 

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Sweet onions tend to be more fragile and should be store in the refrigerator. or a cool dark place, but since I live in South Carolina with no cool basement, I had to find an alternative. 

After I pull the onions from my garden, I let them dry for a couple days on the table in the barn. 

wrap onions in newspaper

After I brushed off the surface dirt and cut off the stems, I wrapped each of them individually in newspaper. The newspaper helps absorb the onion smell and any extra moisture. 

storing sweet onions

Then I store them in the bottom vegetable bin of my refrigerator. I am able to keep sweet onions fresh all summer long, and I run out long before they ever go bad.