My spring sweet onions did great this year but I just couldn’t use them up fast enough.  I ended up having to pull this last colander full this afternoon and went right to work making sure they last as long as they can.

Sweet onions are high in sugar and water content so they are best if used pretty quickly and are not suited for long-term storage.  They are so tasty; we have been enjoying them on hamburgers and in salads.  I wish I could grow them fresh year round!  But since it gets way too hot in South Carolina I will try and savor what I have left as long as I can.

After I gently brushed off the surface dirt and cut off the stems I wrapped each of them individually in newspaper and placed them in a single layer, in the vegetable bin of my refrigerator.

The newspaper will absorb the onion smell and moisture and the single layer will keep them from bruising.  We should be able to enjoy their spring fresh flavor for the next couple months.