Mindful Spending.

There are days when living on a budget can be challenge, and the simple idea of  living within our means is questioned. 

When those times happen I remind myself of these five simple questions:

How to Live Within Your Means

  1. Is it a want or a need? – I am amazed at how many things I can talk myself out of buying just by asking myself this one question. Most things are not a need, and if I just walk away the want goes away.
  2. Can I find it used? – There are very few things we buy that are not used.  I am a regular shopper at the Goodwill and try hard not to buy things that are not on sale.  We are always looking for a used alternative to anything we  buy.  Hubby’s tractor is a 1950 Ford; we drive used cars, and recycle old pallets for many of our farm projects.
  3. Am I making this purchase out of habit? – Just this week I caught myself filling my cart with things out of habit when I could have easily taken the extra time and make them myself.
  4. Will I still be able to use this item six months from now? – How many times have you found something in your closet or cupboard and not even remember why you bought it? I know I have, but now I think about every purchase and determine if it is important enough for me to spend money on and will it still be important six months from now.
  5. Is it worth going in debt? – All I can say is the answer is always no! The only thing I can ever think of that would be worth going in debt for would be healthcare. If whatever we need is worth buying then is is worth saving for.

I know how hard it can be to stay on budget…I struggle just like the next person! But if you can remember to ask yourself these few questions the next time you go to make a purchase you may be able to walk away and still have money in your pocket.

It is easier to live within your means then it is to blow it all it one quick swipe of a credit card.

What do you do to live within your means? I would love to hear any advice you have!


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