Cheap Wood Picket Fence

Here on our farm, we count our pennies and look for creative ways to reuse and recycle whatever we can.  Any building project no matter how small is planned way in advance.  This month’s project was to build a cheap wood picket fence around the kitchen garden. We hope to keep the chickens from using it as their personal space, plus add a pretty visual to my favorite garden. We do have a poultry net electric fence around our meat chickens, but our hens get to free range while we are outside with them. The hardest part is keeping them out of my garden.

how to build a cheap wood fence

After reviewing our budget, we determined we could spare $200 to complete this project.

With a quick walk around the farm, and a few how to build a picket fence Internet searches we came up with a plan using what we already had and keeping to a $200 budget.

used pallets

We already had a good supply of wood pallets behind the barn and knew we could get more if needed.

taking apart pallets

Hubby went to work taking the pallets apart and cut them into the picket shape. 

I am so thankful he is good and strong because taking apart pallets is not something I can do.  I was able to lend a hand in taking out the nails but other than that it was truly man’s work!

build a wood pallet fence

Most of our budget went to buying treated 4×4’s, and 1×6’s for the frame of the fence. The wood cost $175.  Hubby measured everything out and built a frame around the whole garden first. 

laying out the pickets

As hubby screwed the pickets onto the frame, I was right behind him painting. Before I decided what I was going to paint the fence with I priced out paint and determined I did not have enough left in the budget to buy paint.  I only had $25 left after we purchased wood for the frame, so I had to get creative again.  

white washed fence

I have always loved the look of white-wash, so off I went to find a recipe.  I am happy I choose that method, I was able to stay within our budget, and I love the results it gave us.  

Here is the recipe I used for whitewash:

  • 4 cups rock salt
  • 12 cups hydrated lime (This is NOT garden lime and I had to purchase it at the feed store.)
  • 2 gallons of water

Mix all ingredients in a 5-gallon bucket and paint on the wood surface. I painted on one coat, let it dry for 24 hours, and then painted on a second coat.

How to Build a Cheap Picket Fence for $200

In these pictures, it looks like we completed this project in one day, but it took us a couple of weekends.  It was so rewarding that we stayed within our budget and got a beautiful cheap wood picket fence around the kitchen garden.

Thank for stopping by!

Tracy Lynn

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