Model Your Health After the Amish

I have been reading a lot lately about how the Amish are much healthier than most Americans.  They have one of the lowest cancer and autism rates in the nation. It makes me stop and wonder what they are doing that is so different than the rest of the country.

 4 Things to learn from the Amish about Staying Healthy

Could their stress-free simple lifestyle be the reason?  I would bet to guess that it has a lot to do with it! Whatever it is I know I want to model my family’s life after their wisdom. 

Here are just a few things we are doing the “Amish” way to try to stay healthy:

  1. Know where our food comes from.
    We avoid prepackaged and processed food as much as we can. We grow most of our own food using as few chemicals and pesticides as possible. By raising our own meat, we know that our food is natural and GMO-free. We rely on eating food when it is in season and can the excess to eat all year long. We bake and make all we can from scratch.  We have broken our addiction to pre-packaged food.
  2. We try to avoid harmful fats.
    I stay clear of using vegetable oil as much as I can and stick to the healthy fats from vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fish. We drink raw milk, butter and eat fresh eggs. I know that the milk we drink is from grass fed dairy and contains a lot of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, E, and K2. I bake with lard we process from our pigs and make our own farmers cheese, sour cream and butter from raw milk purchased from a local dairy. (One Ash Plantation)
  3. We stay physically active.
    It’s pretty hard living on a farm and not be physically active.  Gardening, cleaning stalls, hauling wood and homemaking is a fantastic exercise program. Even though we do own cars and don’t walk everywhere like the Amish, our lifestyle keeps us fit and healthy.
  4. Stress-free living.
    Experts have linked stress to be the culprit of most health problems. I know that when we moved from the city to the country and eliminated the job stress from our lives our overall health improved.  We have slowed the pace of our lives and are living a toxic-free self-sustainable lifestyle.

We are always looking for ways to model our lives after the Amish.  I know I’ll never live without today’s modern technology, but I try hard to follow their simple way of life to keep my family healthy.

4 Things to Learn from the Amish About Staying Healthy

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