Simplify Your Life … Old-Fashion Style

We live in a world of microwaves, electric coffee pots, T.V.’s and cell phones, but that doesn’t mean we have to use everything at our disposal.  There are ways to simplify your life to the simpler side of things that will keep you separated from the modern world as much as possible. 

During a recent storm and power outage, I was thankful my home was filled with items that helped me keep comfortable during the storm.  I couldn’t help but think how our ancestors dealt with storms.  I can assure you they never worried about how they were going to fix a cup of coffee or how they were going to keep themselves entertained without power. 

Even on a trip to the grocery store before the storm, I was witness to the panic on the faces of people when they reached the bread aisle only to discover there was no bread to be found.  I felt sorry for those that didn’t have bread to buy, and I wanted to walk them over to the flour and yeast isle and give them a lesson in bread making. Even the simplest thing as knowing they could make bread may have helped their anxiety over the oncoming storm.  On days like that, I just want to run to the store’s speaker and let people know there is comfort in learning how to take care of some of their own needs and that they can live without being so reliant on a grocery store or a power grid. 

While we waited out our storm, I realized how comfortable we were because we had many items that didn’t require power.

Here is a list of some of the items that we have in our home that help us keep connected to the simpler side of life during the storm:

Simplify Your Life - Old-fashion Style

  1. Hurricane Lamp – I keep a good supply of candles on hand, but the warm glow of an oil lamp keeps those evening hours without power lighted.
  2. Lamp Oil – Very affordable and lasts longer than candles.
  3. I’m a coffee lover and my Coffee Percolator is a must when the power is out. My stove is propane and I can light it with a match so I always have my fresh coffee.  We have even used this coffee pot camping over a fire pit. 
  4. My Coffee Grinder goes hand in hand with my percolator. Fresh ground coffee beans make better coffee every time!
  5. My stovetop Popcorn Popper makes the best-tasting popcorn. It reminds me of the popcorn my mom used to make every Sunday night when I was a little.
  6. We always know what time it is with our Windup Alarm Clock. A must for every simple home!
  7. Amish Rocker…when the power is out and there’s lots of time to relax you’ll always find one of us in our rocker enjoying the peace and quiet. 
  8. I made sure our Water Dispenser was filled with fresh water before the storm hit. 
  9. Hubby loves his weekend waffles and this Cast Iron Waffle Maker is one of our favorite simple living finds. 
  10. Our Drying Rack is probably the most used item on my list.  
  11. Just because I love them…Kevin’s Heavy Duty Clothespins round out my top 11 things every homestead should have to simplify their home.
  12. And there’s nothing better to do to sit out a storm than to work on a puzzle

These are just a few of the things we use in our home.  They may be simple things, but they will help you simplify your life and keep you grounded to a homesteading lifestyle.


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