I remember the day so vividly!

The day I told my children that I was not having a dishwasher installed in the new house becasue I get joy out of washing dishes. The look on their faces was priceless and I could see that each of them was very relieved they no longer lived at home. I also could see the wheels turning in their heads on just how they were going to wiggle their way out of doing dishes after a holiday dinner. It still brings a smile to my face as I think about it.

washing dishes

I have to admit there are very few chores around the house I don’t enjoy, but washing dishes is one of my favorites.

There is something soothing about standing at my sink watching my chickens dig for worms, see the seasons change in my kitchen garden or watch my husband chopping wood. It is a chore that I repeat many times throughout the day. A chore that brings me the most satisfaction when its complete and the one that is always at the top on my to-do-list.

As I was washing dishes this morning I got to thinking about who taught me how to wash dishes? If I think way back I remember standing at my grandmothers sink washing the breakfast dishes as she sat having coffee with my mom and dad. As a child I know my sister and I always had the after dinner chore and I don’t remember drying dishes, but I always remember washing them.

I bet each of us has a system and wash dishes the same way every day!

My washing dishes routine looks something like this:

  1. I fill the sink with hot soapy water.
  2. I put all the silverware in the bottom of the sink to soak while I gather all the glasses to wash.
  3. Next come plates.
  4. And then comes bowls.
  5. I then soak the pans as I wipe down the table and counter tops.
  6. Once I wash the pans I soak the frying pans while I clean the stove top.
  7. After I wash everything and they are in the dish drainer, I clean and dry out the sink.
  8. I never dry my dishes since they can air dry while I work on something else.

How do you wash dishes? Do you do the silverware first or glasses first? Do you do them right after a meal or let them sit until the next day?   I would love to hear your routine!

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