I pulled in our driveway tonight and spotted cow patties in the neighbors pasture that reminded me of a memory I had long forgotten. Growing up in northern Pennsylvania cow pastures and farm life were just a part of everyday life  and dodging cow patties was a big part of that life. 

simple childhood memories

In my mind, I can see these simple childhood memories so clearly….

“It was a warm summer’s day, the kind when the bees were buzzing and the butterflies where dancing from flower to flower. I can feel the warm sun beating down on my blond little head as my bare feet struggled to keep up with my older sister as we were running through the pasture.

I can see the pasture as if it was right outside my window.  The sky was blue, the pasture was green, and I can see the creek in the background.

I am not sure if we were running to get away from the cows or we were running to get to the creek, but what I do remember is jumping over the cow patties along the way. I can hear my sister giggling and teasing me trying to get me to jump over the patties hoping that I would miss and land in one.”

I could not have been more than four, but I remember it as if it was yesterday. That little memory put a smile on my face and I could not wait to ask my own children what their earliest memory was.

  • My son who is 27, remembers pushing his Fisher Price bubble mower behind his Dad while mowing grass. He was 3.
  • My daughter-in-law who is 24, remembers standing with her family in South Dakota looking at land her Dad had just bought. She thinks she was about 3.
  • My daughter who is 31, remembers watching what she calls “bogger bugs” by the door of a townhouse we lived-in in Virgina. She was 3 when we lived there.
  • My son-in-law remembers sitting on the front porch watching bugs at an Air Force base his father was stationed at. He was about 4. (I find it funny that they both enjoyed watching bugs as kids, maybe that is why they get along so well being married.)
  • My husband remembers going fishing at the pond with his Poppy and he thinks he was about 4 or 5 at that time.

I did not look it up, but at the age of 3 or 4 must be when we have our most vivid memory since all of us were about that age.  I found it interesting asking my kids this question and it brought back a flood of memories for me with their answers.

Please share with me what your earliest simple childhood memories are and how old you were.