King Henry ruler of his roost.

Once upon a time there was a baby chick, who from the beginning was the ruler of his roost. He took charge and was a true leader in every sense of the word. By the age of nine months, his morning crowing could be heard throughout the barnyard, and he was appointed King Henry. 

A rooster named King Henry

The hens in the barnyard followed him around and tried to get his attention, but it was only one hen that could turn King Henry’s beak, and her name was Princess Henrietta. At first glance the two were meant to be together, they ate together, crawled in the same roost at night and bathed in the same dirt pile …together. Within a few short weeks, King Henry had announced that Henrietta would become his Queen. 

chickens taking a dirt bath

barnyard chickens

For almost four years King Henry and Queen Henrietta were the rulers of the Double “F” Farm. Side by side they freely roamed the fields surrounding their castle. They dined on crickets, worms and whatever else they could scratch up. King Henry, being the true protector, saved her and the other hens from various attacks of dogs, hawks and the playful antics of Libby the farm lab. 

rooster and hens

On June 23rd King Henry was found mysteriously dead perched on his favorite roost with Queen Henrietta close by. With no King to protect the hens, Queen Henrietta and her court will be staying close to the hen house castle until another King is appointed to the throne.

Rest in Peace King Henry


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