Grape Juice.

Growing up in Pennsylvania my father always had grapes. It wasn’t fall unless you could walk by those vines and pop a handful of concord grapes in your mouth.  The cool sweet insides were like candy and my mouth still waters at the memory!

Is grape juice good for you?

Now as an adult, with a farm of my own the cooler weather in South Carolina means it is Scuppernong grape time.  With the harvest comes a sweet smell floating around my kitchen that is heaven to the senses.  I have been busy making grape juice, and hubby has a batch of wine brewing, but what pleases me the most about a good grape crop is all the benefits grapes have on our overall health. 


My father got me hooked on homemade wine when he taught me how to make it as an adult, and I love nothing more than to share a glass with my hubby, but my love for grapes go way beyond a glass of wine.

I am all about...

While hubby loves his wine making, it is my job to serve him healthy meals, and that includes his daily dose of grape juice.

Is grape juice good for you?

Grapes are one of those underutilized fruits in my book. They are packed with wonderful cancer and aging fighting ingredients and are thought to be one of the earliest forms of medicines.

Here are just a few reasons why I love growing grapes and why grape juice will always be in my pantry:  

    • They have anti-aging benefits
    • They reduce your risk of food-borne illnesses
    • They have anti-cancer benefits
    • They help with brain power
    • They help with overall bone health
    • They help reduce asthmatic events
    • They help with migraines
    • They help reduce acne

The professionals say that an adult should drink at least 8 ounces a day, and children 6 ounces to reap all he benefits grape juice has.

bowl of grapes

For us, we wish we could preserve a big bowl to just snack on all year long!  Since grape harvest is coming to a close, we will have to settle for the canned juice I have been busy making!

Do you serve grape juice to your family?