Old-fashion Exercise.

I had been working pretty hard the last few weeks and low and behold when I stepped on the scale the other day I was surprised to see I had lost a few pounds.  I couldn’t think of anything different I had done, but was very happy to see those few pounds gone.

How many calories do you burn doing housework?

When I started to look at everything I had been doing, I realized that some good old-fashion chores contributed to those shed pounds.  I started to think about my grandmothers who didn’t belong to gyms or have any organized exercise programs and they stayed fit.  For the most part, it was more acceptable to carry a little extra padding 50 years ago and normal everyday life was the key to keeping them fit and trim.

After doing a bit of research, I found that some old fashion housework has been burning more calories for me in one day then I realized.  I wish I could say that I have been staying away from all the yummy treats I have been baking, but that has not been the case.  The truth is I have been giving myself a good workout by burning calories doing some extra housework.

old fashion exercise

I found that most of my everyday housework jobs are burning about 150 calories each:

  • washing dishes – 30 minute
  • washing windows – 60 minutes
  • mopping floors – 35  minutes
  • vacuuming – 35 minutes
  • dusting – 35 minutes
  • washing the car – 30 minutes
  • cleaning bathroom – 30 minutes
  • changing sheets – 30 minutes
  • ironing – 60 minutes
  • line drying clothes – 30 minutes
  • sweeping floors – 30 minutes
  • heavy cleaning – 30 minutes
  • cooking/baking – 60 minutes
  • painting – 30 minutes
  • weeding garden – 30 minutes
  • stacking wood – 30 minutes
  • raking leaves – 30 minutes
  • gardening – 30 minutes
  • mowing lawn with push mower – 30 minutes
  • barn chores – 30 minutes
  • cleaning closets – 60 minutes
  • moving furniture – 30 minutes

It was so neat to see that my everyday activity was helping me burn those extra calories.  I know on the days I am cleaning out the chicken pen, moving hay or heavy garden days I am burning more, but I feel good that I am doing old-fashion housework to stay fit.

Tracy Lynn



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