Looking for inner peace.

As I approach a new chapter of my life, I am looking for inner peace that can only come from within. A peace that my husband can not buy, one my children can not make, and one my parents can not give. I have to find it all on my own. 

finding inner peace

So what does finding inner peace mean to me? 

It means being content with who you are, enjoying what you are doing and loving the path you are on. 

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Can you say you are happy with all of those things? 

The daily stresses of life can sometimes keep us from being joyful, but if you keep this short list close by, and read it often, finding and holding onto your inner peace will come much easier. 

  • Smile often and make others smile
  • Find the joy in every day in every situation
  • Spend a few minutes in nature each and every day… (I look forward to my peaceful country mornings)
  • Stay true to your beliefs
  • Don’t get caught up in material objects
  • Accept who you are and love yourself
  • Learn to be accepting of others
  • Forgive easily and pray for others
  • And lastly…learn to trust yourself! The decisions you make in life are yours alone, own, and embrace them. 

β€œHe who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world.” ~Marcus Aurelius

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