I do not buy any cleaning products to keep my home clean and fresh, everything I use is green and safe for the environment. I am constantly scanning the Internet looking for new green cleaning recipes for specific projects.

The other day I hit the jack-pot and just had to share it with you! I am usually not so easily swayed to download e-books but this just sounded too good to be true…but had to pay the $10 and download it anyways and I am so glad I did!

The Green Clean Book – Simple Recipes, Tips, And Ideas For Green Cleaning That Benefit You, Your Family, And The World We Live In

This 66 page e-book has every green cleaning recipe all in one place. From the kitchen, bathroom, floors, pets, to health and beauty and everything in between. If you are like me I have sites bookmarked, recipes written down in various places scattered everywhere and never where I think they should be.  Once I downloaded this e-book I printed it off and now it has a permanent home in the kitchen drawer right at my fingertips.

I wouldn’t recommend an e-book unless I was truly impressed and this one has my vote!

Cleaning tip…

This venture started because I was looking for some advice for cleaning my glass shower doors.  Our new house has glass shower doors and I have never had them in a house before.  I needed to know the best way to clean them so I am prepared when we move in next week.

In the new e-book I found this recipe:

Bath/Shower Glass Sliding Doors
Combining 3/4 cup of hot water and 1/4 cup white vinegar, you can wipe away hard water stains. Keep your shower doors cleaner by wiping them with a combination of water and tea tree oil.

I always have tea oil in the house so I am going to make up a spray bottle of this and keep it by the shower for quick and easy clean ups!

I know I can’t believe it myself that I am peddling an e-book but I really loved that this had all my favorite recipes in one place and I don’t have to spend time searching the Internet anymore.