Aprons are back! After more than 30 years in the attic, aprons are making a splashy comeback.

I have a true love for pretty aprons for women!  I make them, buy them, and seek them out where ever I go.  From kitchen, farm, and garden I find whatever excuse I can to wear one.  

There is something nostalgic about tying one around my waist. It takes me back to the folds of my grandmother’s kitchen.  The smell of almond extract, coffee brewing and the hum of her many fish tanks always bring a smile to my face.  No matter what she was doing, my Grandma Lucille always had a pretty apron on. And we could always count on her having a hankie in her pocket to wipe the noses of one of her many grandchildren.  I believe the power of the apron can have a lasting effect on anyone that puts one on.

That tradition was passed on to my own mother as well.  The memories I have of her pretty aprons surround me. My mother could sew aprons for women without a pattern. Her Christmas aprons were my favorite!

If you have a love for aprons like I do, I would highly recommend The Apron Book I downloaded it to my Kindle and I enjoyed reading it. It celebrates the great American icon and reminds me of what I loved about the people who wore them.

As I continue to grow and dream about my apron collection, here are just a few I have pinned on my Pinterest Apron Board. Visit my board for the original posts from each of the following pretty aprons for women.  

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