I just love to read the Farmersā€™ Almanac, I learn so many great things each time I pick up that little book.  Much of what I read I remember hearing from my grandmothers, so I guess it is like walking down memory lane for me.

6 Helpful Hints from The Farmers Almanac

I just came across an old calendar that had a list of great helpful hints I just had to share.2016 Farmers Almanac

  1. To clean small-neck bottles or vases, drop a little rice inside, fill with warm soapy water, and shake well. Rinse out and let drip dry.
  2. Before you sweep, spray your broom’s bristles with furniture polish. You’ll have no trouble collecting dust.
  3. Use a fabric softner sheet to dust television screens.  the softner eliminates the static that attracts the dust.
  4. Never soak vegetables after slicing; they will lose mush of their nutritional value.
  5. When you need to measure something in a pinch, remember that a U.S. dollar is 6 1/8 inches long.
  6. When building a garden, use newspaper under your loam and topsoil.  The newspaper will  kill all the weeds and grass underneath, plus it will compost into great mulch that toots can’t grow through.

If you have never bought a Farmers Almanac I highly recommend adding it to your yearly library.  Each year its pages are filled with wonderful old-fashion useful tips and ideas for both your home and garden.

Tracy Lynn



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